It’s Not Too Late: Add a Skills Class to Your Schedule

Are you looking to augment your practice skills? Look no further than these two classes taught by our librarians:

Advanced Legal Research (LITG 7049)

Advanced Legal Research goes beyond the basics you covered in first year legal research. You’ll get a refresher in the research skills you may have forgotten, and then move beyond that to learning about optimal use of research services and specialized subject research. The classroom is a hand-on experience, and you’ll work in teams to give you experience with collaboration and to let you share your knowledge with colleagues.

Technology in the Law Practice (PROP 7024)

This course gives you an overview of how technology is used by lawyers today. We focus on the ethical implications of using technology, and you’ll get information about the history, development, and current state of electronic technology in the law practice.

Add either or both courses during the Drop-Add period, which expires January 28 for online enrollment or February 3 for paper submissions to the Registrar’s Office.

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