Fall Break Week: Some New Resources to Consider

Powernotes and Procertas Legal Tech Assessment

No doubt, your fall break schedule is already full. When you come back, we recommend that you take a look at two new resources that can help you now with your research and writing, and later when you want to show future employers that you are a technology wiz.

PowerNotes is an online research platform that helps you manage research and organize it. The Law Library has purchased a trial subscription for the law school. Enable the PowerNotes Chrome Extension and you can highlight and file away information. Your highlights, notes, and urls are saved under custom topics that you create in project folders. PowerNotes allows you to gather excerpts from any online resources, including Lexis and Westlaw, and save, highlight, or annotate this content within customized research subjects with a single click. You can build and edit an outline as you research — if you want to change your outline, you can drag and drop your research subjects to restructure your outline. PowerNotes also saves links to all of your sources to help ensure that you cite to sources accurately. Create your PowerNotes user ID using your UC email address.

The Procertas Legal Tech Assessment helps you learn how to powerfully use the Microsoft Office Products — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — which are the most widely used productivity applications at legal employers. It includes both training and assessment modules, and is available to all UC law students. To gain access, contact Professor and Library Director Ken Hirsh.


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