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This week in the Law Library we are thankful for our wonderful students, faculty, and staff as well as our library colleagues! Don’t forget to join our Exam Preparation Workshop on Tuesday and scroll down to explore more resources about American Indian and Alaska Native heritage.

Thanksgiving Hours


Law Library circulation, reference, and instructional services will be closed Thursday, Nov. 25 – Friday, Nov. 26. Law students, faculty, and staff will still have their usual 24/7 access to the Law Library. Unable to stop in the Law Library during this time? E-books, online databases, and study aids are available no matter where you are 24/7!

This Week’s Library Sessions

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Technology in Law Practice

Shannon Kemen, Legal Technology & Research Instructional Services Librarian
11:10am – 12:05pm
Room 208

Law Library Resources for Exam Preparation Workshop

Susan Boland, Associate Director & Ron Jones, Electronic Resources Instructional Services Librarian, College of Law Library
12:15pm – 1:00pm

Final Exams Are Coming And We Can Help!

The Law Library has many resources to help you prepare for final exams. Be sure and see our Exam Study Guide for more information!

Past Blog Postings on General Final Exam Preparation:

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Study Aids to Help You with Different Exam Formats & Study Aids for Exam Review

Selected Articles on How to Take Exams

Note that the articles below are on HeinOnline so you must authenticate using your UC credentials in order to access them.
Jack A. Hiller, How Not to Write Answer to Law Examinations, 12 Stetson L. Rev. 691 (1982) (PDF)
Amy L. Jarmon, If Exams Could Talk: Insights from Last Semester, Student Lawyer, Jan. 2009, at 11. (PDF)
Rosemary LaPuma, Don’t Stress Over Exams, Student Lawyer, Nov. 2005, at 20. (PDF)
Jerry J. Phillips, Thirteen Rules for Taking Law Exams, 72 Tenn. L. Rev. 797 (2005). (PDF)
John H. Scheid, De MInimis Curat Lex: Secrets to Success for 1st year Law Students, 37 Cap.U.L. Rev 631 (2008). (PDF)
Dennis Tonsin, A Plan for Your Exams, Student Lawyer, March 2005, at 32. (PDF)
Patrick Wiseman, “When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It,” and Other Sage Advice for First-Time Law School Exam Takers, 22 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 653 (2006). (PDF)

American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

This month is American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month! In 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed a joint congressional resolution designating November 1990 as “National American Indian Heritage Month.” Similar proclamations have been issued every year since 1994. Celebrate with us as we explore the contributions and history of the Native people in the United States of America.

5 More Selected Resources to Learn More About American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage

American Indian Histories and Cultures

Explore manuscripts, artwork and rare printed books dating from the earliest contact with European settlers right up to photographs and newspapers from the mid-twentieth century. Browse through a wide range of rare and original documents from treaties, speeches and diaries, to historic maps and travel journals.

Bibliography of Native North Americans

Bibliography of Native North Americans (BNNA) is a bibliographic database covering all aspects of native North American culture¸ history¸ and life. This resource covers a wide range of topics including archaeology¸ multicultural relations¸ gaming¸ governance¸ legend¸ and literacy. BNNA contains more than 80¸000 citations for books¸ essays¸ journal articles¸ and government documents of the United States and Canada. Dates of coverage for included content range from the sixteenth century to the present.

Ethnic News Watch

Ethnic NewsWatch (ENW) is a current resource of full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives. The complete collection also includes the module Ethnic NewsWatch: A History™, which provides historical coverage of Native American, African American, and Hispanic American periodicals from 1959-1989. Together, these resources present an unmatched, comprehensive, full-text collection of more than 2.5 million articles from over 340 publications. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the resources is the inclusion of unique community publications not found in any other database, as well as top scholarly journals on ethnicities and ethnic studies.

Indigenous Governance Database

The free Indigenous Governance Database (IGD) features online educational and informational resources on tribal self-governance and tribal policy reform that: Foster Native nation building; Promote tribal sovereignty; Disseminate Indigenous data; Encourage tribal leadership development; Support the development of capable governing institutions; Highlight sustainable economic and community development in Indian Country.

Law Library of Congress, Native American Constitutions and Legal Materials

The Law Library of Congress holds most of the laws and constitutions from the early 19th century produced by the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole who were forced to leave the Southeast for the Indian Territory after passage of the Indian Removal Act in 1830. Some of these documents are in the vernacular languages of the tribes. This collection includes 19th century items and those constitutions and charters drafted after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act. The digital portion of this collection is a work in progress but many of the works have been digitized.


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