Happy Holidays!

Now that exams are over, we hope that everyone takes a well deserved break! Still working on cite checking, a journal article, or a paper? You’ll still have 24/7 access to all online resources and access to the building and Law Library physical spaces.

Library Hours Over Winter Break

Building doors are unlocked Monday — Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm except during University of Cincinnati holidays. Law students, faculty, and staff have 24/7 access to the building and the Law Library Service Suite and Law Stacks with their UC Bearcat ID cards.

Winter Season Days Access (Dec. 23, 2022 – Jan. 2, 2023 )

Building doors are locked. Law students, faculty, and staff have 24/7 access with their UC Bearcat ID cards. The Library Service Suite and Circulation Desk are closed.

Law Library & Circulation Desk Hours:

Dec. 19, 2022 – Dec. 22, 2022 8:00am — 5:00pm

Closed Winter Season Days

Jan. 3, 2023 – Jan. 13, 2023 Monday — Friday 8:00am — 5:00pm

Closed Jan. 16, 2023

Wondering What to Do with All Your Free Time?

How about cozying up with a good book! We’re law librarians, of course that’s our go-to suggestion! Below are some ideas from the ABA:

ABA Greatest Law Novels Ever

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. Bleak House
  4. Kafka’s The Trial
  5. Les Miserables
  6. Billy Budd
  7. Presumed Innocent
  8. The Scarlet Letter
  9. The Bonfire of the Vanities
  10. An American Tragedy
  11. The Paper Chase
  12. Bartleby the Scrivener
  13. Native Son
  14. The Stranger
  15. A Tale of Two Cities
  16. A Time to Kill
  17. The Caine Mutiny
  18. Their Eyes Were Watching God
  19. QB VII
  20. The Firm
  21. The Count of Monte Cristo
  22. The Handmaid’s Tale
  23. Anatomy of a Murder
  24. The Fountainhead
  25. Tie: Old Filth & The Ox-Bow Incident

You can read more about the ABA’s choices and why they picked the books they did in their gallery: ABA Journal, 25 Greatest Law Novels Ever.

Not feeling like doing any more reading? Check out the ABA Journal’s 25 Greatest Legal Movies and 25 Greatest Legal TV Shows.

Want to avoid thinking about anything legal over break? Check out some of these other resources for great books and movies:

Non-Legal Book Lists

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The NY Times 10 Best Books of 2022

Literary Hub: The Ultimate Best Books of 2022 List

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Non-Legal Movie Lists

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