Prepare Yourself and Your Computer for Exams

With classes wrapping up this week, we offer some tips so that you and your computer will be ready for smooth and steady performance on final exams.

  • Tips for You
    • Plan your study time realistically: By know you know how quickly you can read and retain what you need to know. Set aside enough time to accomplish what you need to cover in the time it will take you to cover it.
    • Pay attention to your body: Get the nutrition, exercise, and rest you need to maintain your stamina and resistance to “bugs.”
    • Use your support network: If you need moral support, talk to your friends and family, and if you think you might be depressed, talk to a counselor. If you need help finding study materials, look at our research guides or talk to a reference librarian.
  • Tips for Your Computer
    • Check that your computer is in good working order.
    • Pack the power adapter and its cord in the bag with the computer before you leave home for the college.
    • Carefully read through the instructions for using the exam software for spring semester.

We look forward to celebrating the end of the semester, and for our 3L and LL.M. students, the award of your degree, with you soon!

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