Saluting the UC Law Class of 2019

Congratulations, You’ve Earned that J.D. or LL.M.!

I feel a special kinship to those of you who will receive your hoods tomorrow. You entered the College of Law nearly three years ago, in a period of tumult in the leadership of the college. Time and time again so many of you have shown us the heard work and dedication to purpose that is bringing you the privilege of walking across the platform tomorrow and having the J.D. or LL.M. hood laid upon your shoulders. But you have also shown us true community spirit in the many ways you serve the college, the university, and the broader Cincinnati community. You’ve also demonstrated how to have fun when it is time to kick back. Yours will be the last U.C. Law class I see graduate, and I am proud to be leaving this great institution as you do. I very much look forward to learning about how each of you will change the world.


Ken Hirsh

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