Title VII—Wall Street Transparency and Accountability

Sec. 701. Short title

Subtitle A—Regulation of Over-the-Counter Swaps Markets

Part I—Regulatory Authority

Sec. 711. Definitions

Sec. 712. Review of regulatory authority

Sec. 713. Portfolio margining conforming changes

Sec. 713(a) Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Section 15(c) is Amended

Sec. 713(b) Commodity Exchange Act Section 4d is Amended

Sec. 713(c) Duty of Commodity Futures

Sec. 714. Abusive swaps

Sec. 715. Authority to prohibit participation in swap activities. H. R. 4173—5

Sec. 716. Prohibition against Federal Government bailouts of swaps entities

Sec. 717. New product approval CFTC—SEC process

Sec. 717(a) Amendments to the Commodities Exchange Act Section (2)(a)(1)(c)

Sec. 717(b) Amendments to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Section 3a

Sec. 717(c) Amendments to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.—Section 19(b) 

Sec. 717(d) Amendments to the Commodities Exchange Act Section.—Section 5c(c)(1)

Sec. 718. Determining status of novel derivative products

Sec. 719. Studies

Sec. 720. Memorandum

Part II—Regulation Of Swap Markets

Sec. 721. Definitions.

Sec. 721(a) —Section 1a of the Commodity Exchange Act is amended

Sec. 721(b) Authority to Define Terms

Sec. 721(c) Modification of Definitions

Sec. 721(d) Exemptions

Sec. 721(e) Conforming Amendments

Sec. 721(e)(1)

Sec. 721(e)(2)

Sec. 721(e)(3)

Sec. 721(e)(4)

Sec. 721(e)(5)

Sec. 721(e)(6)

Sec. 721(e)(7)

Sec. 721(e)(8)

Sec. 721(e)(9)

Sec. 721(e)(10)

Sec. 721(f) Effective Date

Sec. 722. Jurisdiction

Sec. 722(a) Exclusive Jurisdiction

Sec. 722(b) Regulation of Swaps under Federal and State Law

Sec. 722(c) Agreements, Contracts, and Transactions Traded on an Organized Exchange

Sec. 722(d) Applicability

Sec. 722(e) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

Sec. 722(f) Public Interest Waiver

Sec. 722(g) Authority of FERC

Sec. 722(h) Determination

Sec. 723. Clearing

Sec. 723(a) Clearing Requirement

Sec. 723(b) Commodity Exchange Act Section 2 Amended

Sec. 723(c) Grandfather Provisions

Sec. 724. Swaps; segregation and bankruptcy treatment

Sec. 725. Derivatives clearing organizations

Sec. 725(a)

Sec. 725(b)

Sec. 725(c)

Sec. 725(d)

Sec. 725(e)

Sec. 725(f)

Sec. 725(g)

Sec. 725(g)(1)(A)

Sec. 725(g)(1)(A)

Sec. 725(g)(1)(B)

Sec. 725(g)(1)(C)

Sec. 725(g)(2)

Sec. 725(h)

Sec. 726. Rulemaking on conflict of interest

Sec. 727. Public reporting of swap transaction data

Sec. 728. Swap data repositories

Sec. 729. Reporting and recordkeeping

Sec. 730. Large swap trader reporting

Sec. 731. Registration and regulation of swap dealers and major swap participants

Sec. 732. Conflicts of interest

Sec. 733. Swap execution facilities

Sec. 734. Derivatives transaction execution facilities and exempt boards of trade

Sec. 734(a)

Sec. 734(a)

Sec. 734(b)(1)

Sec. 734(b)(2)

Sec. 734(c)

Sec. 735. Designated contract markets

Sec. 736. Margin

Sec. 737. Position limits

Sec. 738. Foreign boards of trade

Sec. 738(a)

Sec. 738(b)

Sec. 738(c)

Sec. 739. Legal certainty for swaps

Sec. 740. Multilateral clearing organizations

Repealed 12 U.S.C. 4421, 4422

Sec. 741. Enforcement

Sec. 741(a)

Sec. 741(b)

Sec. 741(b)(1)

Sec. 741(b)(2)

Sec. 741(b)(3)

Sec. 741(b)(4)

Sec. 741(b)(5)

Sec. 741(b)(6)

Sec. 741(b)(7)

Sec. 741(b)(8)

Sec. 741(b)(9)

Sec. 741(b)(10)

Sec. 741(b)(11)

Sec. 741(c)

Sec. 742. Retail commodity transactions

Sec. 742(a)

Sec. 742(b)

Sec. 742(c)

Sec. 743. Other authority

Sec. 744. Restitution remedies

Sec. 745. Enhanced compliance by registered entities

Sec. 746. Insider trading

Sec. 747. Antidisruptive practices authority

Sec. 748. Commodity whistleblower incentives and protection

Sec. 749. Conforming amendments

Sec. 749(a)

Sec. 749(b)

Sec. 749(c)

Sec. 749(d)

Sec. 749(e)

Sec. 749(f)

Sec. 749(g)

Sec. 749(h)

Sec. 749(i)

Sec. 750. Study on oversight of carbon markets

Sec. 751. Energy and environmental markets advisory committee

Sec. 752. International harmonization

Sec. 753. Anti-manipulation authority

Sec. 753(a)

Sec. 753(b)

Sec. 753(c)

Sec. 753(d)

Sec. 754. Effective date

Subtitle B—Regulation of Security-Based Swap Markets

Sec. 761. Definitions under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Sec. 762. Repeal of prohibition on regulation of security-based swap agreements

Sec. 763. Amendments to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Sec. 764. Registration and regulation of security-based swap dealers and major security-based swap participants

Sec. 765. Rulemaking on conflict of interest

Sec. 766. Reporting and recordkeeping

Sec. 767. State gaming and bucket shop laws

Sec. 768. Amendments to the Securities Act of 1933; treatment of security-based swaps

Sec. 769. Definitions under the Investment Company Act of 1940

Sec. 770. Definitions under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940

Sec. 771. Other authority

Sec. 772. Jurisdiction

Sec. 773. Civil penalties

Sec. 774. Effective date