Suspension and Expulsion of Exchange Members (Rules 19a3-1 to 19h-1)

Rule 19a3-1 [Reserved]

Rule 19b-3 [Reserved]

Rule 19b-4 Filings with respect to proposed rule changes by self-regulatory organizations

Rule 19b-5 Temporary exemption from the filing requirements of Section 19(b) of the Act.

Rule 19b-7 Filings with respect to proposed rule changes submitted pursuant to Section 19(b)(7) of the Act.

Rule 19c-1 Governing certain off-board agency transactions by members of national securities exchanges.

Rule 19c-3 Governing off-board trading by members of national securities exchanges.

Rule 19c-4 Governing certain listing or authorization determinations by national securities exchanges and associations.

Rule 19c-5 Governing the multiple listing of options on national securities exchanges.

Rule 19d-1 Notices by self-regulatory organizations of final disciplinary actions, denials, bars, or limitations respecting membership, association, participation, or access to services, and summary suspensions.

Rule 19d-2 Applications for stays of disciplinary sanctions or summary suspensions by a self-regulatory organization.

Rule 19d-3 Applications for review of final disciplinary sanctions, denials of membership, participation or association, or prohibitions or limitations of access to services imposed by self-regulatory organizations.

Rule 19d-4 Notice by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board of disapproval of registration or of disciplinary action.

Rule 19g2-1 Enforcement of compliance by national securities exchanges and registered securities associations with the Act and rules and regulations thereunder.

Rule 19h-1 Notice by a self-regulatory organization of proposed admission to or continuance in membership or participation or association with a member of any person subject to a statutory disqualification, and applications to the Commission for relief therefrom.