Article 12 — Form and Content of Schedules

Rule 12-01– Application of Rule 12-01 to Rule 12-29.

Rule 12-02 [Reserved]

Rule 12-03 [Reserved]

Rule 12-04– Condensed financial information of registrant.

Rule 12-05 [Reserved]

Rule 12-06 [Reserved]

Rule 12-07 [Reserved]

Rule 12-08 [Reserved]

Rule 12-09– Valuation and qualifying accounts.

Rule 12-10 [Reserved]

Rule 12-11 [Reserved]

Rule 12-12 — Investments in securities of unaffiliated issuers.

Rule 12-12A — Investments–securities sold short.

Rule 12-12B — Summary schedule of investments in securities of unaffiliated issuers.

Rule 12-12C — [Reserved]

Rule 12-13 — Open option contracts written.

Rule 12-13A — Open futures contracts.

Rule 12-13B — Open forward foreign currency contracts.

Rule 12-13C — Open swap contracts.

Rule 12-13D — Investments other than those presented in Rule 12-12, 12-12A, 12-12B, 12-13, 12-13A, 12-13B, and 12-13C.

Rule 12-14 — Investments in and advances to affiliates.

Rule 12-15 — Summary of investments–other than investments in related parties.

Rule 12-16 — Supplementary insurance information.

Rule 12-17 — Reinsurance.

Rule 12-18 — Supplemental information (for property-casualty insurance underwriters).

Rule 12-21 — Investments in securities of unaffiliated issuers.

Rule 12-22– Investments in and advances To affiliates and income thereon.

Rule 12-23– Mortgage loans on real estate and interest earned on mortgages.

Rule 12-24– Real estate owned and rental income.

Rule 12-25– Supplementary profit and loss information.

Rule 12-26– Certificate reserves.

Rule 12-27– Qualified assets on deposit.

Rule 12-28– Real estate and accumulated depreciation.

Rule 12-29– Mortgage loans on real estate.