Title VI—Improvements To Regulation Of Bank And Savings Association Holding Companies And Depository Institutions

Sec. 601. Short title

Sec. 602. Definition

Sec. 603. Moratorium and study on treatment of credit card banks, industrial loan companies, and certain other companies under the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956

Sec. 604. Reports and examinations of holding companies; regulation of functionally regulated subsidiaries

604 (a) Reports by Bank Holding Companies

604(b) Examinations of Bank Holding Companies

604 (c) Authority To Regulate Functionally Regulated Subsidiaries of Bank Holding Companies


604 (c)(2)

604(d) Acquisitions of Banks

604(e) Acquisitions of Nonbanks

604(f) Bank Merger Act Transactions

604(g) Reports by Savings and Loan Holding Companies

604(h) Examination of Savings and Loan Holding Companies



604(i) Definition of the Term “Savings and Loan Holding Company”

604(j) Effective Date

Sec. 605. Assuring consistent oversight of permissible activities of depository institution subsidiaries of holding companies

605(a) In General

605(b) Examination Requirements

Sec. 606. Requirements for financial holding companies to remain well capitalized and well managed.

606(a) Amendment

606(b) Home Owners’ Loan Act Amendment

606(c) Effective Date

Sec. 607. Standards for interstate acquisitions

607(a) Acquisition of Banks

607(b) Interstate Bank Mergers

607(c) Effective Date

Sec. 608. Enhancing existing restrictions on bank transactions with affiliates

608(a) Affiliate Transactions

608(b) Transactions With Affiliates

608(c) Home Owners’ Loan Act

608(d) Effective Date

Sec. 609. Eliminating exceptions for transactions with financial subsidiaries

609(a) Amendment To The Federal Reserve Act

609(b) Prospective Application of Amendment

609(c) effective Date

Sec. 610. Lending limits applicable to credit exposure on derivative transactions, repurchase agreements, reverse repurchase agreements, and securities lending and borrowing transactions

610(a) National Banks

610(b) Savings Associations

610(c) Effective Date

Sec. 611. Consistent treatment of derivative transactions in lending limits

611(a) Amendment.—Section 18 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act

611(b) Effective Date

Sec. 612. Restriction on conversions of troubled banks

612(a) Conversion of a National Banking Association

612(b) Conversion of a State Bank or Savings Association

612(c) Conversion of a Federal Savings Association

612(d) Exeptions

612(e) Notification of Pending Enforcement Action

Sec. 613. De novo branching into States

613(a) National Banks

613(b) State Insured Banks

Sec. 614. Lending limits to insiders

614(a) Extensions of Credit

614(b) Effective Date

Sec. 615. Limitations on purchases of assets from insiders

615(a) Amendment to the Federal Deposit Insurance Act

615(b) Amendments to the Federal Reserve Act

615(c) Effective Date

Sec. 616. Regulations regarding capital levels

616(a) Holding Companies

616(b) Other Companies

616(c) Rules

616(d) Reports

616(e) Effective Date

Sec. 617. Elimination of elective investment bank holding company framework

617(a) Amendment.—Section 17 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

617(b) Effective Date

Sec. 618. Securities holding companies

Sec. 619. Prohibitions on proprietary trading and certain relationships with hedge funds and private equity funds

Sec. 620. Study of bank investment activities

Sec. 621. Conflicts of interest

621(a) The Securities Act of 1933 (15 U.S.C. 77a et seq.) is amended

621(b) Effective Date

Sec. 622. Concentration limits on large financial firms

Sec. 623. Interstate merger transactions

623(a) Interstate Merger Transactions

623(b) Acquisitions by Bank Holding Companies



623(c) Acquisitions by Savings and Loan Holding Companies

Sec. 624. Qualified thrift lenders

Sec. 625. Treatment of dividends by certain mutual holding companies

625(a) The Home Owners’ Loan Act (12 U.S.C. 1467a(o) is amended

625(b) Effective Date

Sec. 626. Intermediate holding companies

Sec. 627. Interest-bearing transaction accounts authorized

627(a) Repeal of Prohibition on Payment of Interest on Demand Deposits




627(b) Effective Date

Sec. 628. Credit card bank small business lending