Welcome 1L and LLM students!

This morning we presented information about the Law Library and I.T. services to the college’s incoming students. It was a pleasure to meet with the students as they begin their time in the law school. John Hopkins noted that comprehensive information about computing and networks is available in the Student Computing Guide. Likewise, Susan Boland showed the 1L Survival Guide to the Law Library. We noted that the library maintains a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

A resource we did not mention is CALI, which provides hundred of online review lessons and other materials that can help you with your studies. For a description of what CALI is and does, see this week’s CALI Spotlight blog post. A set of Time Trial cards with the law school’s authorization code was included in the goodie bags distributed at this morning’s orientation session.

New students, we’re glad that you’re here, and we encourage to seek us out whenever you need help with research and technology!

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