The Law School Circle of Life

Disney’s “The Lion King” was released in the summer of 1994, when many of the 1L students whom we welcome today were toddling around the house. Its most familiar song, which evokes the film’s theme, is “The Circle of Life,” an apt metaphor not only for our journey through this life, but for a student’s three-year passage through law school. Despite the changes that have occurred and have yet to take place in legal education in the near future, there are rituals that remain in place. This week is a major ritual for both our new students and for us who stand ready to help them through their time with us: First Year Orientation. While we will not literally hold up our new students to present them to the heavens and the assembled herds, as Rafiki does for Simba, we do help our students grow in their knowledge of both the substance of the law and their understanding of professionalism. We in the Marx Law Library are anxious to help you, our new students, in achieving your goals for completing your program here. Welcome, and we look forward to meeting with you!

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