A Few Thoughts on Personal Safety for You and Your Property

The College of Law and the Marx Law Library are generally as safe as any other space on campus. Because you likely spend much of your day, and sometimes perhaps night here, we offer a few tips to help improve your awareness about maintaining your safety.

  • Do not leave any valuable property unattended in a public place. Notebook computers, tablets, phones, and handbags can be removed very quickly. Always leave valuables in a secured location or ask a trusted colleague to keep an eye on them while you briefly step away.
  • Take advantage of the university’s Night Ride program to avoid traveling alone at night. Contact them at 556-RIDE (556-7433).
  • Report any suspicious activity to staff or to the University Police Department: from a cell phone call 556-1111.
  • We want you to continue to enjoy a safe environment that contributes to your success!

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