Banned Books Week Calls Attention to YOUR Right to Be Informed

Display Hightlights “Banned Books Week”

This week we join the American Library Association and libraries across the country in calling attention to the infringement of your right to read by those who seek to ban books from libraries and other venues. The ALA has published its 2015 list of most challenged books. You’ll note that both fiction and nonfiction books are included, and the reasons that bans were sought vary. Librarians believe that the worth of a book is to be judged by each reader, and that the sharing of ideas and subjecting them to open discussion is the best way to promote discerning judgment in a free society. Please stop by the library to look at our display of posters and on the digital screen, created by Lisa Wernke and Susan Boland.

Upcoming Legal Research Training Sessions

  • Friday, September 30th
    • Professor Smith’s Section 1
      • Statutes with Susan Boland
      • 9:00 – 10:25 A.M. in Room 302
    • Professor Bradley’s Sections 2 and 3
      • Secondary Sources with Shannon Kemen
      • 9:00 – 10:25 A.M. in Room 100B


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