Start with Zombies and End By Adjusting Your Clock

From Halloween ’til Standard Time

Although we librarians generally stick to facts, there seems to be some concern about protecting you from zombies and other odd creatures and occurrences this week. We do favor treats over tricks, other than the occasional sleight-of-hand. Stop by for plenty of research tricks (short-cuts) and treats (training sessions) and a little candy as well. When you wake up on Sunday, be sure that you have set back the few clocks and watches you may own that do not automatically adjust themselves.

Upcoming Research Sessions

    • Monday, October 29th
      • Professor Smith’s Section 5
        • Researching from Start to Finish with Susan “Hauntingly Smart” Boland and a passing black cat.
        • 10:40 A.M. – 12:05 P.M. in Room 100A
      • Professor Smith’s Section 3
        • Researching from Start to Finish with Susan “Hauntingly Smart still” Boland and another passing black cat.
        • 3:05 – 4:30 P.M. in Room 100A
    • Wednesday, October 31
      • Professor Gilderoy Lockhart’s Section 13
        • Defense Against the Dark Arts in Equity or Law, Instructor TBA
        • 11:59:30 P.M. – Midnight in Room ???
    • Thursday, November 1st
      • Professor McCord’s Section
        • Research from Start to Finish with Shannon “Eerily Well-Prepared” Kemen and any leftover candy.


Featured Resources for Legislation on Zombies and More Conventional Subjects

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