Tech Tip: Stay Healthy by Keeping Your Devices Clean

You use your phone and laptop every day but how often do you clean them?  Cellphones for example, are commonly taken from place to place and passed between multiple users as people share videos and pictures.  Would you be surprised to know that multiple studies have found that cellphones carry more bacteria than most toilet seats?[1]

With cold and flu season upon us, consider wiping away the germs and keeping yourself healthy with these quick tips:

  • Clean your devices frequently – at least once a day is best
  • Use cleaners with isopropyl alcohol, distilled or purified water, compressed air, and microfiber cloths
  • Clean all accessories (Keyboard, mouse, phone case, etc.)


Following these simple tips will help keep both you and your devices in good shape!

[1] Why Your Cellphone has More Germs than a Toilet, U. of Ariz. C. of Agric. & Life Sci. (Sept. 15, 2012),; Kõljalg, S et al., High Level Bacterial Contamination of Secondary School Students’ Mobile Phones. 7 Germs 73 (2017).

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