Library Exam Resources in a Pandemic Part 2

We hope that exams are going well for everyone and we are wishing you all the best of luck. Below are additional subject specific study aids for exams, as well as a reminder of the subject specific study aids from last week.

Subject Specific Study Aids for Upcoming Exams

First Year Exam Subjects:

2L & 3L Exam Subjects

Sample & Practice Exams

Currently a few sample and practice exams by UC Law professors are available on the Law School Sample / Practice Exams TWEN site. If you have trouble accessing this page, please send me an email. Sometimes you can also find old exams on other websites. Check out our Exam Study Guide — Practice & Sample Exams page for more information.
You can view all of our study aids, as well as other resources for studying for exams on the Exam Study Guide.

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