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This Week’s Research Sessions

Monday, Nov. 2, 2020

  • Prof. Bock’s LLM Research & Writing with Associate Director Susan Boland
    • 8:30am – 10:00am
    • Basic Terms & Connectors Searching
    • Zoom
  • The Technology of Law Practice with Legal Technology & Research Instructional Services Librarian Shannon Kemen
    • 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020

  • The Technology of Law Practice with Legal Technology & Research Instructional Services Librarian Shannon Kemen
    • 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020

  • Prof. Smith’s Lawyering I, section 6 with Associate Director Susan Boland
    • Researching Memo 2
    • 9:00am – 10:25am
    • Zoom
  • Prof. Smith’s Lawyering I, section 4 with Associate Director Susan Boland
    • Researching Memo 2
    • 10:40am – 12:05pm
    • Zoom


Featured Study Aids

Revisit Election Law!

  • Election Law Stories
    • An account of the most significant cases in election law, including the landmark decisions of Reynolds v. Sims, Bush v. Gore, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and Shelby County v. Holder. The volume’s thirteen cases concern the right to vote, redistricting and gerrymandering, campaign finance, and election administration.
    • Available via the West Academic study aid subscription
  • Understanding Election Law and Voting Rights
    • Takes readers through the electoral process, beginning with the right to vote and continuing through the election itself. Along the way, the authors provide thorough explanations of manifold topics, including Congress’s power to protect voting rights, the use of race in districting, political gerrymandering, political parties’ rights, the place of third parties, free speech and the First Amendment rights to participate in campaigns and run for office, campaign-finance regulation, vote-counting, and the role of courts in adjudicating disputes about political power and challenges to election “irregularities.”
    • Did you know that Prof. Michael Solimine is one of the authors?
    • Available via the Lexis OverDrive study aid subscription
  • Examples & Explanations: Legislation, Statutory Interpretation, and Election Law
    • Tackles the complex subjects in this field, including statutory interpretation, lobbying, bribery, redistricting, campaign finance law, and voting rights.
    • Available via the Wolters Kluwar study aid subscription


Featured Guide

  • Election Law Research Guide
    • Need voting information? Want information on election law legal treatises? Need to see databases that cover election law? Check out this resource on elections and election law!


Featured Database

  • CQ Press Voting and Elections Collection
    • This database pulls together local and national data on campaigns, elections (including SCOTUS), political parties, voters, and demographics into statistical, analytical, and descriptive reports. You can also manipulate the raw data into dynamic, customizable (and exportable) reports. Coverage includes 1789-present (president); 1968-present (gubernatorial, senate, house).

Featured Video

  • Election Law Program Videos for Judges & Journalists
    • Created in 2005 as a joint venture of the National Center for State Courts and the William & Mary Law School, the Election Law Program seeks to provide practical assistance to state court judges called upon to resolve difficult election law disputes.These videos are a series of web-based lectures designed to educate judges and journalists about the fundamentals of election law.

Featured Secondary Source

  • Principles of the Law, Election Administration: Non-Precinct Voting and Resolution of Ballot-Counting Disputes
    • Promulgated by the American Law Institute, the same people who brought you the Restatements of the Law, this text centers on election administration. Part I provides principles for use by jurisdictions that wish to use absentee-voting or early-voting options as a supplement to in-person precinct-based voting on Election Day. Part II concerns principles applicable to disputed elections generally. Part III specifically concerns procedures necessary for disputed presidential elections given their uniquely challenging scheduling constraints.

Native American Heritage Month

This month is Native American Heritage Month! Read President Trump’s Proclamation.

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