This Week in the Law Library Celebrate National Library Week!

This week in the Law Library we’re celebrating National Library Week! We’re also teaching cost effective legal research and research using low cost and free legal resources, as well as Advanced Legal Research. We’re announcing our Legal Research Competency and Legal Technology Competency Programs, highlighting oral argument resources, and turning the spotlight on resources for researching business associations.

National Library Week

National Library Week, April 3-9, 2022

It’s National Library Week! The theme for National Library Week 2022, “Connect with Your Library,” promotes the idea that libraries are places to get connected to technology by using broadband, computers, and other resources. Libraries also offer opportunities to connect with media, programs, ideas, and classes—in addition to books. Most importantly libraries also connect communities to each other. Overall, the theme is an explicit call to action—an invitation for communities to join, visit, or advocate for their local libraries.First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and observed in libraries across the country each April. All types of libraries – school, public, academic and special – participate. Follow National Library Week activities at our library, the American Library Association, and I Love Libraries on social media by tracking the hashtags:  #NationalLibraryWeek | #LibrariesTransform.

Nominate a Library Star

National Library Workers Day is observed on the Tuesday of National Library Week, which is on April 5 this year. The day recognizes the importance and contributions of the library staff who keep our libraries running while we get lost in the wonderful books. Libraries are more than a place for borrowing books, they reflect the needs and expectations of our community. And library workers are the ones fulfilling those needs and expectations by making information, books, and resources more accessible. Libraries work because we work! Let’s take this time to flood social media (using the hashtag #NLWD22) with words of gratitude for all library workers. Start by nominating library workers as Stars for the ALA-APA Galaxy of Stars.
Nominate a stellar library worker!

This Week’s Research Sessions

Monday, Apr. 4, 2022

Advocacy, Sec. 2

Associate Director Susan Boland
Cost Effective Legal Research
10:40am – 12:05pm
Room 302

Advanced Legal Research

Legal Technology & Research Instructional Services Librarian, Shannon Kemen & Electronic Resources​  & Instructional Technology Librarian Ron Jones
1:30pm – 2:55pm
Room 100A

Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2022

Advanced Legal Research

Legal Technology & Research Instructional Services Librarian, Shannon Kemen & Electronic Resources​  & Instructional Technology Librarian Ron Jones
1:30pm – 2:55pm
Room 100A

Thursday, Apr. 7, 2022

Advocacy, Sec. 4

Associate Director Susan Boland
Low Cost & Free Legal Resources
10:40am – 12:05pm
Room 100B

Oral Argument Help

As you get ready for oral arguments in your Advocacy class, be sure and check out the resources on our Oral Advocacy Guide and last week’s featured resources!

Legal Research Competency & Legal Technology Competency programs

The Law library is pleased to announce the launch of two new learning opportunities for UC law students. The Legal Research Competency and Legal Technology Competency programs are designed to provide UC law students with additional skills to build their resume. Successfully completing one, or both, of these programs will show potential employers that you are ready to handle complex legal research issues, and that you are skilled in using the technology tools that are prevalent in today’s practice of law.

Legal Technology Competency Guide

Featured Study Aids

Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs: Examples & Explanations

Available via the Aspen Learning Library, this text is written by the professor who drafted the uniform limited partnership act and co-drafted the newest uniform limited liability company act. It provides in-depth treatment of limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs), including a discussion of the newest Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. It contains updated agency materials that fully integrate the recently finalized Restatement (Third) of Agency. It has refined its coverage of general partnership law to reflect the ascendancy of the Revised Uniform Partnership Act (RUPA) and revised coverage of limited partnership law to reflect the increasing acceptance of the 2001 version of the Uniform Limited Partnership Act. It also includes analysis of issues unique to limited liability companies. Analysis is first provided for a topic and then examples are given to help students understand the analysis. A series of problems at the end of each section or chapter assist you in testing your understanding. Answers are provided for these problems.

Business Organizations Law (Hornbook)

Available via the West Academic Study Aid subscription, this book provides clear, succinct, descriptions of the reasoning and policy issues underlying corporate law. The 2020 edition is thoroughly updated to include recent U.S. Supreme Court, Delaware and other leading decisions and regulatory developments (for example, the most recent version of the Model Business Corporation Act as well as the Delaware statute) that impact the conduct of corporate affairs including fiduciary obligations and duties in corporate transactions, governance, and management of corporations and LLCs, as well as benefit corporations, including the landscape of securities fraud suits in the federal courts, new discussions of unincorporated forms of business, insightful explanations of such news-making issues as corporate governance and director liabilities, and coverage of LLCs and LLPs.

Understanding Corporate Law

Available via the LexisNexis Digital Library,this text highlights significant business, economic, and policy issues are highlighted in connection with a thorough analysis of the important cases and statutory provisions used in the study of corporations. It includes the major theoretical approaches used in current corporate law literature. In each chapter, the authors identify important policies and discuss the relationship of the law as it has developed to those policies. Statutory issues are addressed under both the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware and the Revised Model Business Corporation Act. In addition, significant sections from the Principles of Corporate Governance of the American Law Institute are covered. The corporate scandals of 2001 and 2002, the enactment of the federal Sarbanes-Oxley (2002), Dodd-Frank (2010), JOBs (2012) Acts, and the financial crisis of 2008 are also covered. The rise of institutional shareholder ownership and its effect on legal developments is highlighted.

Featured Guide

Transactional Law Research Guide

This guide provides a general overview of materials that may be helpful for a transactional practitioner. It covers local, state and federal resources available for locating general business filings, UCC filings, SEC filings, property records, online forms and form books.

Featured Treatise

Cox & Hazen’s Treatise on the Law of Corporations

Available on Westlaw, this major treatise on corporations covers all areas of corporate law, as well as the origins of various doctrines and their contemporary manifestations in current statutes and caselaw.

Featured Database

Bloomberg Law’s Corporate Practice Center

Available on Bloomberg Law, the Corporate Practice Center features comprehensive practical guidance materials, including overviews, checklists, annotated forms and documents and comparison surveys developed by attorneys at major U.S. corporations and their outside counsel.

Featured Website

Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR

All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free. Here you’ll find links to a complete list of filings available through EDGAR.

Featured Videos

2021 UC Law Corporate Symposium

Advances in digitization and machine learning have transformed legal analytics, easing the extraction and interpretation of large legal datasets. Additionally, legaltech upstarts are chipping away at the dominance of traditional legal research providers. More so than in decades, users have their pick of research tools and platforms. This Symposium brings together scholars and practitioners in digital humanities, computational legal analysis, computer science, legaltech, and other areas to discuss the trajectory of legal analytics.

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