Practice Tests & Study Aids for Specific Subjects

Previously, we covered study aids and resources to help you prepare for taking exams, as well as the types of study aids and how you might use them for exam study. In this post, we’ll look at study aids for specific subjects and practice / sample exams.

Practice & Sample Exams

“[M]ore than 100 years of research has yielded several hundred experiments showing that practice testing enhances learning and retention.” John Dunlosky, et al., Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions from Cognitive and Educational Psychology, 14, Psychol. Sci. Pub. Int. 4, 29 (2013), Many study aids contain practice questions. We have a limited number of old / practice exams in the Law Library. Many professors also make exam materials available on their course website, particularly as time draws closer to the exam period. If you are looking for multiple choice practice questions, your best bet is to use questions provided in the study aids. No professors have provided multiple choice questions to the Law Library.

Currently sample and practice exams by UC Law professors are available on the Law School Sample / Practice Exams TWEN site. Sometimes you can also find old exams on other websites. Check out our Exam Study Guide — Practice & Sample Exams page for more information.

Subject Specific Study Aids for Upcoming Exams

Monday, December 9 Exams:

Tuesday, December 10 Exams:

Wednesday, December 11 Exams:

Thursday, December 12 Exams:

Monday, December 16 Exams:

Tuesday, December 17 Exams:

Wednesday, December 18 Exams:

Thursday, December 19 Exams:

Take Home Exams

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