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Happy Valentines Week!

We’re all about love this week in the Law Library. This week’s library resources focus on love and the law.

Featured Guide

  • Family Law GuideLegal Technology & Research Instructional Services Librarian Shannon Kemen
    • This Guide provides a quick overview of general and legal materials on family law, including love, marriage, and children.The guide includes both free resources and, where indicated, resources only available to the UC or UC Law School community.


Featured Database

  • HeinOnline’s Civil Rights & Social Justice
    • A person’s civil rights ensure protection from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnicity, religion, age, and disability. While often confused, civil liberties, on the other hand, are basic freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Examples of civil liberties include the right to free speech, to privacy, to remain silent during police interrogation, and the right to have a fair trial. The lifeblood of civil rights protection in the United States is the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (“No state shall make or enforce any law which shall … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”). Click through the pages in this database to learn how far our nation has come in fulfilling its promise of “all men are created equal” and how much further it still can go.


Featured Treatise

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Family Law
    • Available on Westlaw for law students & law faculty
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Family Law discusses the legal aspects of marriage, divorce, adoption, custody, parentage, surrogacy, visitation, assisted reproduction, and other family law topics from the perspective of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. It contains analysis of issues related to post-heterosexual relationship custody and visitation; single party adoption and foster care; treatment of issues associated with assisted reproduction and surrogacy; two-party adoptions and judgments; custody disputes between former same-sex partners in cases in which both partners are legal parents; dissolution and separation issues where only one parent is a legal parent; marriage and other relationship protections; and transsexual marriage and parentage rights.

Featured Video


Featured Study Aids

  • Family Law: Examples & Explanations
    • Online via Wolters Kluwer study aids subscription
    • This study aid continues to identify and explore new trends in family law practice. It includes central topics such as alternative dispute resolution, domestic violence, alternative reproduction, premarital agreements, and professional responsibility.
  • Family Law in Perspective (Concepts & Insights)
    • Online via West Academic subscription
    • This book offers an interested reader insights into the ever-changing parameters of family law. Recent approaches to nonmarital cohabitations are discussed, premarital and marital agreements, surrogacy and assisted reproduction in the context of the 2017 Uniform Parentage Age, and the evolution of same-sex marriage after Obergefell v. Hodges.
  • Understanding Family Law
    • Online via Lexis Overdrive
    • Understanding Family Law includes coverage of topics such as traditional and nontraditional families, nonmarital and postmarital contracts, annulment, paternity and legitimacy, procreation rights, contraception, abortion, sterilization, artificially assisted conception, and adoption and termination of parental rights.

February is Black History Month

This year’s theme for Black History Month is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.

Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr. & Love

Martin Luther King Jr. had a lot to say about love. Here is an excerpt on love from just one of his powerful speeches:



All Month:

  • Black Lawyers in America
    • ABA National Town Hall Series featuring 3 African-American former presidents of the ABA
      • Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and economic meltdown, familiar tragedies have brought us again to another moment of outrage and protest. But there is something different this time. Perhaps the pandemic has given everyone – especially nonminorities – the grim understanding that African Americans have always known: Leaving the house for something as simple as a jog or a trip to the convenience store could turn fatal. This town hall series will examine the struggle for change and racial equity in the legal profession from the past, present and future.

UC & College of Law Events

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

  • Vision Board Party
    • SALD and HGA present a Vision Board Party featuring guest speaker Patrice N. Barnes. Supply kits will be available in advance at SALD from 2/1 – 2/5, 11am-2pm and at the AACRC from 2/1, 2/3 and 2/5, 10am-6pm.
    • 7:00pm — 8:30pm
    • Sponsored by SALD and HGA
    • RSVP

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

  • UC Blue Ash Black Business Expo/Symposium
    • The Black History Month Planning Committee will be hosting a Virtual Black Business Expo with a panel of professionals and entrepreneurs who will discuss what they do and what it took to become established in their respective fields. Students are encouraged to RSVP to ask questions to the professionals and pitch their entrepreneurial idea to receive feedback in a safe and protected environment. Featured proposed panelists are Kim Jackson, Donny Harper (GO(O)D Apparel), Annette Redmond, Tyran Stallings, Lawrence Cain Jr., and Breya Champion.
    • 11:30am — 1:00pm
    • RSVP
  • Going Back in Time: A Story of HIV
    • A workshop in celebration of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, this workshop is sponsored by funding from the Network of the National Library of Medicine HIV/AIDS Coordination Center and presented by the University of Cincinnati Libraries, the Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and the Ohio Department of Health. The workshop is facilitated by HIV Peer Activist and Founder of Positive2Positive, Morris Singletary. The link to join will be provided upon registration.
    • 1:00pm — 3:00pm
    • Register
  • Combating Oppression with Radical Self-Love: How Loving Our Bodies Unapologetically Can Change The World
    • A discussion with Sonya Renee Taylor, author of The Body is Not An Apology
    • 3:00pm
    • Register
    • Sponsored by the UC Women’s Center
  • 5th Annual Black Feminist Symposium: Radical Rest
    • An in-house conference dedicated to uplifting Black scholarship and celebrating Black voices, forums, panels, and lectures that are led by students, staff, faculty, and community members. The Black Feminist Symposium works to unite black feminist work being done amongst UC members with the community at large.
      • 5:00pm
        • Presenter(s): Torie Wiggins (She/Her)| WellArts Cincinnati | CCM
        • The Well-Fed Artist and The Healthy Hustle: Navigating a Successful Freelance Journey Without Self-Induced Trauma
      • 6:00pm
        • Presenter: Akua RD Wilson (She/Her | AACRC – Miss Kuamka 2020
        • Session Title: So you want to talk about Intersectionality
    • Sponsored by the UC Women’s Center
    • For more information visit the UCWC website and register via CampusLINK.
  • A Discussion on Racial Justice Based on the Film “Whose Streets?”
    • Told by the activists and leaders who live and breathe this movement for justice, “Whose Streets?” is an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising. Please watch the film before and come with questions. UC community members and Hamilton County library card holders can watch the film for free on Kanopy.
    • 7:00pm — 8:00pm
    • Sponsored by UC Sustainability and the African American Cultural and Resource Center
    • RSVP

Thursday, February 11, 2021

  • Marx Lecture: Detroit’s Property Tax Foreclosure Crisis: A Tale of Structural Racism
    • Though not as widely recognized as redlining and predatory mortgage lending, racialized property tax administration is a longstanding driver of the racial wealth gap.Historians show that it has been a common tool of displacement and extraction since Reconstruction. In the routine administration of white supremacy, local governments charged African Americans higher property tax rates while delivering them less in taxpayer supported services and foreclosing on their properties more frequently when they could not afford to pay the inflated property taxes.
    • Prof. Bernadette Atuahene
    • 12:15pm — 1:30pm
    • Register
  • UC Blue Ash Music Through the Decades
    • Showcasing Black musical icons artists and icons from the ’60s-’70s. Come learn about how music over the decades has changed the landscape of American music as we know it. You will also be treated to musical selections from those artists.
    • 5:30pm
    • RSVP
  • Black History Virtual Trivia Night with the UC Alumni Association
    • This fun social event offers the chance to meet other Black UC alumni while competing for various prizes. Register online.
      7:00 – 8:00pm
    • Register

Friday, February 12, 2021

  • Virtual Trivia: Black History Month Game Night on Kahoot
    • Test your knowledge about Black history icons, events, music, and more.
    • 7:00pm
    • RSVP

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