Timothy K. Armstrong / April-June 2014

Tim presented a short paper entitled “The DMCA and the Cell Phone Unlocking Debate” as part of the College’s 2014 Downtown Teach-In for student scholarships, and to a student audience at the College of Law.
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Lin (Lynn) Bai / April-June 2014

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Marianna Brown Bettman / April-June 2014

As the faculty advisor to UC Law’s American Constitution Society, Marianna helped arrange an April visit by Professor Garrett Epps, who gave a College-wide talk on “Voting Rights and Political Participation” and  also talked with students about conservative constitutional jurisprudence and minorities.

Marianna arranged and moderated the Harris Distinguished Practitioner Paul Heldman (UC Law ’77), retiring Executive Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel, and Secretary of the Kroger Company.

Marianna was awarded a 2014 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching.  Read more about Marianna’s outstanding teaching here.  She was also elected as one of two Hooder at the 2014 UC Law Hooding Ceremony for graduating third-years.

Marianna attended the Inn of Court final banquet.  She was also named a new Board member for the Linton Chamber Music Series.

Marianna helped an assistant city prosecutor prepare for an oral argument before the Supreme Court of Ohio, in which the issue was whether a defendant in an OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated) case can compel discovery of data to be used to attack the reliability of the breath testing instrument.

Marianna’s blog Legally Speaking Ohio was recently added to the ABA Blog Directory. Her April, May, and June posts on the popular blog covered the following topics and issues:

  • Oral argument previews and analyses of oral arguments
    • State of Ohio ex. rel. Donald Yeaples and Deborah Yeaples v. Honorable Steven E. Gall et. al., argument over proper venue in tort claim as cover for battle over employer intentional tort against fellow employee.
    • Steve Granger, et al. v Auto-Owners Insurance, et al., 2013-1527. Insurer’s duty to defend in housing discrimination case.
    • Duane Allen Hoyle v. DTJ Enterprises, Inc., et al., 2013-1405, Insurance coverage for employer workplace intentional tort.
    • State of Ohio v. Nicholas Castagnola, 2013-0781, sufficiency of affidavit in support of warrant to search defendant’s personal computer.
    • State of Ohio v. Terrell Vanzandt, f.k.a. Terrell Asberry,  2013-1010 Can judicially sealed records be unsealed?
    • Phillip E. Pixley v. Pro-Pak Industries, Inc., et al., 2013-0797, Is the definition of equipment safety guard limited to protect only operators of equipment for an employer intentional tort.
    • State of Ohio v. Willie Herring, 2011-0451, ineffective assistance of counsel in mitigation phase of death penalty case.
    • Visiting Nurse Association of Mid-Ohio v. Friebel,  2013-0892. Duel intent in workers’ compensation?
    • Cedar Fair, L.P. v. Jacob Falfas 2013-0890. Can an arbitration panel award specific performance of a personal service contract?
    • State of Ohio v. Brandon Lee Hoffman, 2013-0688. Does the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule precludes evidence that is obtained pursuant to an arrest warrant issued without probable cause by a judicial officer.

In her monthly column in the American Israelite, Legally Speaking, Marianna published Sentencing a Juvenile Homicide Offender and Current Goings-On About the Death Penalty.


Barbara Black / April-June 2014

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A. Christopher Bryant / April-June 2014

On April 7, Chris gave comments at a UC Law Federalist Society event at which Professor Patrick Garry, of the University of South Dakota School of Law, discussed his book An Entrenched Legacy: How the New Deal Constitutional Revolution Continues to Shape the Role of the Supreme Court.

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Jacob Katz Cogan / April-June 2014

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Mark A. Godsey / April-June 2014

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