Yolanda Vazquez / Fall 2017

Professor Yolanda Vazquez co-edited a book, “Race, Criminal Justice and Migration Control: Enforcing the Boundaries of Belonging,” which is now in print from Oxford University Press. Included in the book is the chapter she wrote and presented, “Enforcing the Politics of Race and Identity in Migration and Crime Control Policies.”

On September 20, Professor Vazquez presented at the symposium, “Race and Identity in Legal Institutions: Enforcing the Politics of Race in Immigration and Crime Control, Race, Criminal Justice and Migration Control Symposium,” at the University of Oxford.

On September 29, Professor Vazquez presented on a panel entitled Crimmigration After the 2016 Election at LatCrit XXI Biennial Conference in Orlando, FL.

Professor Vazquez presented at the University of Kansas Law Review Symposium on the topic of Inequity and the Law, on her piece entitled, “Migration, Crime and the Chinese Exclusion Act: Inequity Wrapped in Terms of Dangerousness” on October 20.

Professor Vazquez wrote a book review on “Race, Criminal Justice, and Migration Control: Enforcing the Boundaries of Belonging,” on the ImmigrationProf Blog posted on December 7.

On January 3, Professor Vazquez was a member on the AALS Conference Panel “Structural and Procedural Hurdles to Justice Affecting Minorities.”

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